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Answers from related discussions in whatsapp group catalogued below.

Src Vinay Dhamija: Ans: If you are in Delhi NCR, I can help you source it without prescription if you want to try it. We have got a reputed generic Cymgal from Biocon at about 40% less price than Valcyte......That said, explore CMV vaccines....number of trials going on....

Sahil: Your CMV values are extremely high, I would highly recommend you start Valcyte. Research on relationship between CMV and brain cancer is being done for over 20 years. If you don't want to start valcyte, you can start the following naturopathic supplements that also help reduce the CMV:

1. Garlic
2. Ginger
3. Black cummin seed oil

Vinay, who did you consult on Valcyte? Can we reach out to the person who you consulted? Is it safe to do Valcyte while on chemo?

Oh Yes, Paul Mulholland is our Oncologist......You can read all about him here:, and

I can connect you with his secretary Amanda, he spends half his time in that private clinic. Should charge you around £300 for a consultation, and you can try to negotiate an emerging market (India) discount too. He could be more than open to it. He regularly prescribes Valcyte to his patients (did not even bother to check Sarika's CMV despite me asking for it)


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