Please share OTC drug cocktails info, adjuvants to chemotherapy protocols and where to buy such medicines in India  


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Q:Can anyone suggest some good GBM4 cocktail drugs and dosage for such as Chloroquin, DCA, Mebendaxole etc. Also would like to know whether you could get HIGH THC or 1:1 in India? We are unable to get it in my state due to legal restrictions

Ans: (Sahil 03 Mar 18) Chloroquine is an anti malaria drug that has mixed responses. Wouldn't recommend.

Mebendezole is a part of the careoncology clinic protocol. They recommend 4 drugs in their protocol with a median life of 20 months. Though I haven't started it for my mom, I personally think it's a good protocol since it targets the cancer from various angles. You can consult them and get the protocol.

DCA:Too small a research. Wouldn't recommend.

Drugs I would recommend that would only do good:
1. Celecoxib: Highly anti inflammatory
2. Probably methadone: While on chemotherapy
3. Low dose naltrexone (Couple the LDN with 1 clove of garlic for better impact)
4. Ruta 6 + Calceria phos after chemotherapy
5. Cannabis oil

Spend a lot of time on to understand more on alternative drugs. It's the best website.

Q: Where to find drugs like LDN etc in India?

Ans:(Sahil 03 Mar 18)  I stumbled upon a good number of suppliers for it, when I'd searched for it on indiamart. Shouldn't be a problem I guess. What you actually get is 50mg of LDN capsules. You have to mix them in equal amount of 50 ml of water, and let it sit for a few hours. It'll dissolve completely. What you have to give is 1.5 ml of the solution to give 1.5 mg of LDN. 

Someone has a family member who was able to order LDN formulated to the lower dose called Nath Bros in Connaught Place Delhi

Q: do you this mebendazole is a good adjuvant to chemotherapy?

A: (Sahil 05Mar18)

No Buddy. I meant metformin/Berberin are really good adjuvants to chemotherapy.

Mebendazole is just an adjuvant for cholesterol control. It's a part of the Care Oncology protocol who prescribe four medicines. Their logic is that mebendazole will help just in case the cancer tries to metabolize fat. They use: Metformin, Mebendazole, doxycycline, Avastostatin As a part of their protocol.

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