Managing other medical conditions with cancer  


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Helpful med tips shared by whatsapp group members below

Managing Infection + Fever

  • CO doesn't manage or control infection, fever.
  • As per shailendraji: manuka honey, hydrogen peroxide, and D-mannose.
  • Allopathy : urine culture followed by right antibiotic.
  • Homeopathy: pyrogen 200, Med 200.
  • Ayurveda: chidchida boiled to half, giloi with ashwagandha churna( for  immunity).
  • for infections along with honey, giloy Swaras 30 ml twice a day, if cough and cold then can take Tulsi panchang 15ml twice a day

Honey for infections & pneumonia 

This UMF 20 may be a good start at this time although I would say keep looking for UMF 25. I am saying this only because of Pneumonia which is a very serious issue for anyone but is an added complication for a Cancer patient. For a 6 year old much more so. Otherwise UMF 20 is also quite potent. So start with it ASAP. This one is costly but you may find other options in nutrients/supplements thread  

Q: My mom is having extreme pain in back since last night we gave her tramadol but no effect. Kindly suggest what shall we do? Her pain is becoming unbearable

Q: I’m getting burning in middle of chest . Anybody knows med for that pl ?                        

  • A1: Unienzyme tablet +
  • A2: Pan -d.  Tablet
  • A3: Abdomen pain and acidity is common after chemo .. . Have mucaine 3 times but before any intake .  take mucaine mint syrup for gastric problem give one flatuna everyday and izra d40 tab in morning empty stomach
  • A4: Give Magnesium Citrate (or any except Glycinate) starting from 200 mg every hour with some water and as it increases above 600 to 800 mg in 3 to 4 hours it should start working in the colon. Add 1000 mg of Vitamin C each time (not Liposomal). Both Magnesium and Vitamin C become laxative when they are taken over the body's capacity to absorb them. No adverse effect. Milk of Magnesia is also made of Magnesium but it has other things to reduce stomach acid for antacid effect which I generally don't like. But if you can't find Magnesium supplement readily then give Milk of Magnesia.Calm is one brand of Magnesium which is available online in India.

Q: Good reliable doctor to revive kidney failure condition

Ans: Dr. Pradeep Vijayakar Andheri West, Mumbai. Heard that his expertise is to revive kidney failure condition including cancer.

FAQ: my father had 4 seizures consecutively with a gap of 5 minutes today...after ct scan it came that there is swelling in cavity of brain... he has been admitted to icu for 24 it common? please advice if there is any similar of gbm 4

FAQ: Can anybody help me my mother suffering from uti  from one year and due to this his s.creatinine not down 2.70 and also s.urea is 88.2 mg/dl . This report is good then the previous reports but it is not improve from one month

Ans1: U can show once to dr. Ankur Arya/ dr. bhatyal urologist in BLK delhi

FAQ: Hi folks, My mother is a grade 4 brain cancer patient. There are a lot of supplements that I need to give to my mother(like boswellia serratta, Berberin, curcumin etc), that I get to know are anti cancer, but I'm not able to find somebody right to consult for the dosage of these supplements. Do you know any doctor who can guide me with the dosages of these supplements, or are we by ourselves?

Ans: Find Any reliable doc via this website or app - or consult website to calculate yourself. Start with small dosages and keep an eye on side effects. Start them one by one giving each dose 3-4 days to show any side affect. If you mix all of them together at once then you won't be able to pin point whats working and whats not working.


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