Dendritic Vaccine Vs Multi-Peptide Vaccine and CMV Trials  


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Q:Also has anyone tried dendritic vaccines in India? I have heard of some place denvax in delhi.Would like to know more about the procedure, if someone has gone through it or has some experience of it!

Ans from Vinay Dhamija (GBM4 whatsapp Group):

I'd let others comment since they have had personal experience. Folks on this forum didn't have positive results with denvax whereas Steve White on Facebook swears by Denvax, so jury is still out.

Personally, I am opting for multi-peptide vaccine (most likely in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor) based on several consultations with world-leading experts on this topic. I have another conference call tonight with John Sampson at Duke (global lead investigator of Nivolumab, creator of several vaccines and drugs), and Roger Stupp (of Stupp Protocol fame) to net it out since Stupp once vocalised his concerns on long-term toxicities of checkpoint inhibitors.

Whether a DC Vaccine or multi-peptide, it is all experimental, so one has to take a leap of faith either way.

I can share my two cents:

1. They both are a leap of faith at this stage and success is dependent on too many variables

2. If tumour Histopathology has actionable biomarkers, multi-peptide could work better since you'd go for a combination of targeted peptides and predicted peptides both

3. Neither vaccines nor checkpoint inhibitors are working on their own, so all new trials are being set up in combination because the belief is that if vaccines don't work on their own, checkpoint inhibitors would make them work. Now this combination protocol needs to be carefully designed because another belief is that introducing checkpoint inhibitors early in the game can make tumour resistant.

We still have some time to go (not my choice but there is a lead time for multi-peptide vaccines), but I'd happily share the protocol I get from experts. Ultimately, it's all experimental, so no-one knows what protocol would work or not.

If you have fresh frozen brain tumour, you can try to explore UK specials program with NWBO (the makers of DCVax-L, the only Dendritic Cell Vaccine with most publicly available data). You can find their latest presentation recording on YouTube in the latest ASCO conference.

You can also check out two multi-peptide trials: ICT-107 and IMA 950. ICT-107 results are captured in Ben Williams book summary on virtual trials too.

ere is the response I got from Care Oncology support team, and have now set up a quick call with our physician next week (to be sure):

KHS101 is a new compound, currently in the experimental, pre-clinical research phase, so not much is known about yet and we are not in a position to comment on it. You could try to contact the researchers for more information.

There are similar drugs in the sense that existing medicines such as the ones in the COC protocol, also have effects on mitochondria, similarly lowering the threshold for apoptosis (cell death); see for example this paper on doxycycline:

The agent described in the paper you’ve sent is presented as a new compound and therefore, unfortunately, we can’t say anything about it in terms of safety, efficacy, specific mechanisms etc.
Vinay ji, i didn't get what are saying. I mean to say like Histopathology
Ye mutation test karane chahiye kya. Aur ye test kanha karna chahiye aur iska cost kya aata hai. Aur ye advance test me kya pata chalta hai? Aur koi test hai kya jo karwana chahiye
Vinay: I'd not exactly know whats the norm in India. The public healthcare system in UK tests for WHO mandated biomarkers (so, I'd assume that same has already been done). So, worth checking with them what all more they'd recommend. I am only aware of advanced biomarkers done privately with Foundation testing or with Caris (both in US).Yes, there are WHO mandated biomarkers that should be compulsorily done by any accredited lab without you having to prompt.These are WHO mandated biomarkers (to the best of my knowledge)


MGMT Status





TERT promoter

Histone H3F3

Re "ki is test se kya pata chalta hai":

1. Tumour grading that tells you prognosis

2. Targeted therapies


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