CCNU(Lomustine) +Temozolomide Treatment Info for methylated GBMs  


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03/03/2018 6:31 pm  

CCNU(Lomustine)+Temozolomide  being prescribed by all oncologists in Germany for methylated GBMs, and is soon set to be become the standard of care across the globe. For methylated GBMs, the combination has had a significantly improved life expectancy and is statistically significant. (34 months in the TMZ+CCNU arm compared to the usual 14.6 months with TMZ).

Research link and dosage information are given here:

Since CCNU comes with its own side effects which are stronger the TMZ, one should look for oncologist who an can help oversee these chemotherapy cycles for your patient so that the side effects can be monitored.

However this treatmement offers No improvement for unmethylated patients . The life expectancy for people using the lomustine+TMZ combination for unmethylated patients was 12.5 months in the research.


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