How can I source hash oil, cannabis oil, THC oil, and CBD oil in India?  


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How can I source hash oil, cannabis oil, THC oil, and CBD oil in India? by Santhosh Manas

As per Comments from Above article: "Call Daniel Rishi from Bangalore , he gives the CO oil as far as I know right from 1:1 , 7:3 and 9:1 THC:CBD , I took from him for my Cancer and I have tried all the combinations and I had my relief in 1:1 from my Tumor which growing and hitting another organ in my body , but after taking his oil My pain and tumor size has shrunk in three months."

Vinod Ji Mumbai: for number ask in Cannabis Oil WhatsApp Groups. If you don't know of any cancer support related WhatsApp Groups, then Call/message  Ravinder Ji Rk (+91 99102 12354) (he is working with some cancer charities like Yodha charity) and first get added into his Alternative healing (Ayurvedic Healing Group) and then from there try to make connections from there to other relevant whatsapp groups which have members from all over the India.

Feroz Khan CO OIL : +91 88759 72408

More Numbers or Names (so you can google them and find them) will be added soon. Till that time, try to make you own.

In India Hash, Gaanja, Malana Cream are made up of female plant buds (high THC & hence illegal) and are the right candidate to make oil if you can't get hold of raw buds.You should be able to find someone in your city supplying hash/ganja to students. Ask them to get you buds of cannabis/hemp(bhaang) plant which looks like this. Best buds are found in mountain regions like Malana in Himachal Pradesh.

If you are trying to find raw plant for buds make sure it has good size buds and not just Leaves.

Note: Hemp (Bhaang seed oil) Oil is not Cannabis Oil. You can use Hemp Oil or Hemp Seeds (sold cheap at Ayurvedic Medicines Shops) as good diet or painkiller or ayurvedic medicine for certain ailments but Hemp Oil doesn't cure cancer because its very low in THC strength.  Legally available  hemp oil which you can import from USA/Sweden etc doesn't have more than 0.3% THC which is not at all sufficient to reduce cancer growth or to cure it. Always go for Cannabis Oil only and adjust the dosage as per the Rick Simpson's guide. If you feel you didn't get high strength buds then you can always increase the quantity of dose a little bit to compensate for low strength cannabis oil but try to make your own as you will need it for longer term and you shouldn't depend on a source which sells you oil, rather find a source to get you buds and make your own cannabis oil. For Advice on How to make Cannabis Oil  and Cannabis Oil Dose Dosage  FAQ Click here

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