How This Nutrient Duo – Vitamins K and Vitamin D are Critical in Cancer– Helps Keep Your Arteries Youthful  


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Healthy Blood Circulation
Vitamin K and vitamin D work together to support your cardiovascular health, your bone health, and your immune system among many other functions.*

Vitamin D can’t work properly without vitamin K, and vitamin K can’t perform its actions without enough vitamin D. You need both, and in the proper amounts.

With awareness of its many potential benefits for health, health-conscious individuals are now taking steps to make sure they’re getting plenty of vitamin D.

However, here’s something many may not realize:

When you take high doses of oral vitamin D3, you must also get more vitamin K, either from good food sources or a high-quality supplement.

If you fail to get enough K, you can raise your risk of arterial calcification – and your vascular age. And that can have serious effects on your health and your longevity.

You see, vitamins K and D play an intricate dance together…

While vitamin D helps strengthen your bones by helping your body absorb calcium, it’s vitamin K that helps make sure the calcium ends up in the right place. You want calcium in your skeleton


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